About Us / Team Charter


 "Semper Contendunt Magnitudo"
 "Always Strive for Greatness"

ELITE is a Pacific Northwest team based in Seattle, Washington USA consisting of all makes and models of vehicles, with the main purpose of competing in legal drag racing, track events and car shows. Our goal is to assist members with technical automotive issues, foster good will within the car enthusiast community and grow the Seattle automotive scene in a positive manner.


Originally founded in 2016, ELITE's humble beginnings started with a small group of friends who wanted to hang out and compete in events in the Greater Seattle Area, all the while maintaining an environment true to the car tuner community. Deciding that a small local team is preferred to a national one, the "Seattle ELITE Team" was created. Many of these original members were from other disbanded or disenfranchised groups who wished to create something bigger and better than what was out there in the Seattle area at the time.
CORE Motto:
"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"

This small close knit group of friends eventually became the "CORE" of ELITE. ELITE CORE consists of individuals who have gone above and beyond in supporting the team; donating either time, resources and/or skill for the betterment of the entire team and continue to do so without being asked. All CORE Members and Administrators that support the ELITE team are 100% volunteers and receive no pay or compensation of any sort. This selflessness and dedication is what it means to be ELITE CORE. Without the CORE of the team, ELITE would not exist.

Since 2016, ELITE has won multiple team trophies as well as personal trophies in which members wish to represent ELITE. ELITE prides itself in maintaining a positive family friendly environment with a competitive edge in all Motorsport realms. 


 (A) ELITE Structure and Entry Requirements: 

[Level 1]   Recruits & Prospects: (Open Enrollment)

  • Individuals who are still on probation that need to come to a minimum of three (3) meets, events and gatherings in order to be eligible to be considered a full member. 

[Level 2]   Regular Members: (Open Enrollment / Time Dependent)

  • Individuals who have passed their initial probation period. A majority of individuals will be at this level.

[Level 3]   CORE Members: (Selective Enrollment / Invite Only)

  • Individuals who were previously "Regular Members" who have proven themselves to be of great assistance and/or the potential to be an asset to the mission of ELITE. This may include (but not limited to) any and/or more of the following:
    • Having a unique skillset or ability that allows ELITE and all members to further the goals of the team. (Photography, Video Editing, Website Design, Decal Creation, etc.)
    • Devotes time and effort above and beyond normal members for the betterment of the team.
    • Has a vehicle which furthers the mission of ELITE by promoting clean and tasteful modifications for show, drag, track or drift purposes.
    • Member is proficient in any motorsport (circuit racing, drag racing, autocross, etc) and is willing to represent ELITE during these events.
  • Potential CORE members must also be voted in by the other CORE Members with 51% voting "for", with the final approval decided by the Administrators.
  • A $60.00 annual membership fee is required from each CORE Member.
    • Staff Members are exempt due to time volunteered.
    • Annual fees are due per year in January and tracked by the Administrators.
    • All funds go toward operating costs, future official ELITE automotive events/gatherings costs, supplies and materials.
  • CORE Members may withdraw from CORE at anytime. Re-entry is at the discretion of current CORE members and the Administrators. 
  • Special perks are available to CORE Members at this level. CORE Perks are as follows:
    • Free entrance to formal ELITE events, parties and races.
    • The ability to choose to join a division to represent ELITE.
    • Potential sponsorship from ELITE, based on team needs.
    • Discounts at the ELITE store, car parts/accessories and services from our various sponsors and vendors. (Note: Discounts will vary per sponsor/vendor and may change at any time. Also subject to availability.)

[Level 4]   Administrators:

  • Individuals who are the originators and founders of ELITE that maintain, plan and organize events for the benefit of the entire group and are critical to the mission success of ELITE.

     (B) ELITE Rules and Regulations: 

    • Members of all levels are expected to carry themselves and communicate with respect and tact, both inside and outside of team boundaries. Please note that you are directly representing ELITE and that any negative situations and/or preconceptions will tarnish our reputation.
    • ELITE does not condone illegal street racing activities.
    • There is to be no burnouts, excessive revving, or vehicular stunts in a public areas, unless in a controlled environment approved for a specific official event. 
    • ELITE CORE members are expected to participate in events, track days, car shows and provide general support dependent on team needs. Communication is key to ensure everything is planned around both team and personal time.

     (C) ELITE Corrective Actions: 

    • Failure to follow any of the above described rules and/or failure to adapt to the culture of the team may result in corrective actions.
      • 1st Offense: Verbal warning and discussion regarding the topic and/or issue.
      • 2nd Offense: Removal from CORE (if applicable) and banner (if applicable) and possible suspension and support from all ELITE activities.
      • 3rd Offense: Depending on the severity of the problem and/or issue, a 3rd offense may result in a removal and ban from the team.

     (D) ELITE CORE Representation / Decals, Banners and Insignia: 

    • ELITE decals and banners will be shown and displayed prominently on all CORE members vehicles while at official shows and/or events.
      • Banner (x1) will be placed on the front of the windshield on the left side.
      • Decals (x2) will be placed on or near each rear passenger window. 
      • Adjustments are allowed based on the make and model of the car to suit for aesthetics and looks. 
      • CORE numbers are optional and are not required for any function. However, if choosing to display your CORE number, two of them must be placed on the left and right side of the vehicle in a symmetrical pattern.
    • There are to be no banners, decals or stickers from other car clubs and/or teams to be displayed in conjunction with the ELITE banner, decal or stickers. (Vendor, Manufacturer and/or Shop stickers are permitted as long as they are placed away and below ELITE insignia on the vehicle.)
    • You may choose to have any combination of ELITE banner and/or decal on your vehicle while not at shows or in any official capacity, however they must be within good working condition. If they are frayed, discolored and/or damaged, seek replacement as soon as able. Discounts are available for all CORE members.